Gas Fireplaces are a Hot Item

If you enjoy the warmth and comfort of a beautiful fireplace – but want to skip the chopping, stacking and smoke – check out the natural gas fireplaces at the Ultimate New Home Showcase™. These elegant fireplaces add grace and appeal to any home and provide a unique invitation for family and friends to gather around.

A gas fireplace insert can be installed in almost any existing masonry fireplace – so it always fits your home’s original design. The airtight metal cabinet becomes an efficient supplemental home heating system.

The fireplace insert is sealed to prevent heat from escaping up the chimney when it’s not in operation. You can use a remote control switch to turn it on – without ever leaving the comfort of your recliner – or use a wall-mounted thermostat so it turns on at a pre-set time.

An energy-saving feature available on many natural gas fireplace inserts can save you money and reduce your fuel use. It’s called an Intermittent Pilot Ignition or just IPI. Fireplaces with a continually burning pilot light can add about $8 to a monthly gas bill. With an IPI, the pilot burner is only present when the unit is operating, so the unit conserves energy when it’s not in use. A battery backup ignition system allows the gas unit to continue to work even during a power outage.

The National Association of Home Builders surveyed homebuyers and found that family and living-room fireplaces were among the top “must have” amenities.

If you come away from the Showcase with a burning desire to add a natural gas fireplace to your home, go to NW Natural’s website, at Watch our video and check out how more info about how to heat the room you live in most for about 50 cents an hour.

Cooking with natural gas . . .

For many of us, the kitchen is the most important place in the home.

It’s where we prepare nurturing food for family and friends. It’s where we share stories over cups of tea. It’s where every party-goer gathers. It’s where we plan the Thanksgiving feast and simmer chicken soup for a friend who’s down with a cold.

This room means so much to us, and for that reason, builders at the Ultimate New Home Showcase™ install the highest quality appliances in their kitchens. That’s why most frequently you’ll find a natural gas range in showcase homes.

Professional chefs love cooking with natural gas for so many reasons. They can adjust the heat precisely – and immediately. No waiting for the burner to heat up or cool down like an electric range.

And you can use your gas range even in a power outage. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by candlelight as your family plays board games and stays cozy from the warmth of your natural gas fireplace.

Enjoy the Ultimate New Home Showcase™ – and the many great meals in your future. Visit to learn more about the benefits of a natural gas home.

Not all clothes dryers are the same

Check out the Whirlpool Duet® Gas Dryer at the Ultimate New Home Showcase™

Doing the laundry used to be a huge task before the 1950’s.  If you are a baby boomer, remember your Mom’s clothes washer with a hand crank wringer? And most laundry was hung outside to dry with clothes pins on a line or downstairs in the dark, musty basement.

We’ve come a long way with advanced laundry appliances.

That said many home buyers don’t know very much about the differences between an electric and natural gas clothes dryer.

They look pretty much the same from the outside.  But what happens inside is very, very different.  Often, the clothes dryer hookup is the last feature promoted as part of a new home’s amenities.

Unlike electric, natural gas dryers provide instant heat.  Loads dry much faster. When the dryer shuts off, the remaining heat dissipates quickly, reducing the amount of wrinkling.

Gas dryers are economical and efficient. Average homeowners can dry two loads of laundry in a natural gas dryer for the amount of money it costs to dry only one load in an electric dryer.

Several homes at the showcase you’ll be touring offer the new Whirlpool 7.3 cu ft. Duet® front load Gas Steam Dryer with Wrinkle Shield™ and feature pilot-less ignition, automatic shut-off, sensor controls, de-wrinkling cycles and automatic cooling-down cycles. These features are all designed to save you money.

If you think about it, the clothes dryer is a really important choice for comfort and time management. Visit to learn more about the benefits of a natural gas home.


Natural gas: abundant and affordable for years to come

With little fanfare, the U.S. has become the world’s number one producer of natural gas. We’ve recently replaced the former reigning champ, Russia.

Innovative use of technology has allowed natural gas suppliers to collect high volumes of gas from hard shale rock– something thought impractical, if not impossible, as recently as 10 years ago.

And the cost to get that gas out of the ground is falling as technology improves.

What does that mean for consumers? Quite a lot.

  • Affordable natural gas. NW Natural customers are paying less for natural gas than you did 10 years ago.  You can’t say that about many other products. In fact, natural gas is up to half the cost of oil or electricity to heat your home.
  • Savings add up. Today’s gas prices mean lower costs, not only for homeowners, but also for manufacturers and electric power producers. This translates to big consumer savings. In fact, a study by the American Gas Association predicts average yearly household savings resulting from abundant natural gas will equal $2,000 in 2015 and more than $3,500 by 2025.
  • Expect more of the same. After several years of falling prices, natural gas costs have stabilized. Today, our nation has so much access to natural gas that prices are expected to remain close to the same low levels through 2035 – even while we use more gas in our homes, businesses and manufacturing and for power generation.

Today – and for the long run – natural gas promises to be a great deal for your energy needs. To see how much you can save, check out our new Cost Comparison Tool at

Visit to learn more about the natural gas appliances you’ll see at the Ultimate New Home Showcase™ and how living in a natural gas home can save on operating costs while making it  efficient and comfortable.