Cooking with natural gas . . .

For many of us, the kitchen is the most important place in the home.

It’s where we prepare nurturing food for family and friends. It’s where we share stories over cups of tea. It’s where every party-goer gathers. It’s where we plan the Thanksgiving feast and simmer chicken soup for a friend who’s down with a cold.

This room means so much to us, and for that reason, builders at the Ultimate New Home Showcase™ install the highest quality appliances in their kitchens. That’s why most frequently you’ll find a natural gas range in showcase homes.

Professional chefs love cooking with natural gas for so many reasons. They can adjust the heat precisely – and immediately. No waiting for the burner to heat up or cool down like an electric range.

And you can use your gas range even in a power outage. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by candlelight as your family plays board games and stays cozy from the warmth of your natural gas fireplace.

Enjoy the Ultimate New Home Showcase™ – and the many great meals in your future. Visit to learn more about the benefits of a natural gas home.